How to say innovation is immutable and frozen

Founded in Wuhan, the ‘Laser-Town’ in China, EETO Laser, as a high-tech and innovation-driven enterprise, has already become an excellent manufacturer of laser processing equipment. With years of high-speed development, EETO now possesses a large research&production base, sales and service network covering global market, which represents our huge strength on scientific research and manufacturing . EETO offers multiple choices and tailored solutions to customers, from laser cutting , marking, cladding to laser welding application, etc.


Now EETO laser has special research and technology team, which is led by our Optical Engineering professor, Ph.D from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), it is set up to help guide and strengthen our research and technology. For better serving our customers, we have formed a wonderful and skillful sales and after-sales team, with each member over 6 years of experience on laser, we believe that ‘Profession and Service will Bring Long-Standing Value’, we do our best to bring most satisfaction and the highest cost-effective products to customers.


Our equipment have been exported to the United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil , Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Pakistan, etc.. Meanwhile, we have set up close cooperation with related companies in the countries above


Based on Service-oriented concept, we see our customers’ satisfaction as our most important motivation, each advice and requirement from customer will be carefully listened to and accepted. In addition, we will consider other details and improvements for customers as per on-site conditions, thus bringing them with a best solution. Our products are widely applied in auto, ships, locomotives, petroleum machinery, aerospace, textile machinery, food machinery,



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