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2016 - 11 - 10
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Date: 2018-02-11
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How to Deal With Your Old YAG Laser Machine?

YAG laser cutting machine sold very well during 2008 to 2013, but since fiber laser cutting machine being widely used from 2013, we have got many customers who want to replace their old YAG machine.


But how will customers deal with their old YAG machine if it get some problems? Or found their YAG laser machine can’t meet the production requirement? Generally they will do like this:


(1) Buy a new fiber laser cutting machine.


(2) Sell the old YAG machine and buy a new fiber laser cutting machine.


(3) Fix the problems and keep using it.


Most customers feel helpless for this. Because for the first type customers, they have to undertake high finance pressure. For the second type, they can’t sell the YAG machine more than 1/3 price compare with the price he bought it...For the last type customer, they are the the most injured, because they don’t have enough money to change a new fiber and can’t sell the old YAG, so they have to undertake the fees and time to fix it...


Now guys, if you have a old YAG machine and can’t bear it, you have new choice! Just update it to fiber! Just need to change the light path, control system, laser cutting head and chiller! By this way you can still use most parts of your old YAG so you no need pay as much as a new fiber laser cutting machine! EETO Laser Equipment Co.,ltd is the first company which put up with this solution in China and achieved success for a lot of actual cases! Now EETO Laser is promoting this useful solution all over the world. Please check the follow video for reference which has updated successful to a 1000W Fiber laser cutting machine from an old 800W YAG machine:




Do you get trouble with your old YAG? Change it with EETO’s update solution! Do you want a new fiber laser cutting machine with good price? Change your old YAG with EETO’s update solution! Do you still don’t know how to deal with you old YAG machine? Change it with EETO’s update solution will be your best choice!

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