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EETO-FLS series is a new model we designed special for the customers who is the first time using fiber laser cutting machine. With advanced integrated design, this machine has all the advantages for cutting in our old type, but it has lower cost and small overall dimension. What’s more, you can find more reasons to choose it as follow:ØIntegrated design, save space and very easy for installationØDouble drag chain design, low noise and more stableØSimple human-computer interaction interfaceØUnparalleled cost performance
EETO-FLX series is the most hot-sale model nowadays. It designed with double working table and full-cover, so it is very suitable for the customers who have high requirement for work efficiency and personal safety. It also very suitable for equipping auto-loading device to make the whole cutting system more automation and labour-free. It has the following advantages:Ø High-efficiency Exchanging TableØ Fully Cover Protection design with cutting monitoring systemØ User-Friendly operation system with embedded nesting systemØ Equipped Import main parts with high working performance
EETO-FLSP series include both sheet cutting function and pipe cutting function. And different from the other sheet&pipe laser cutting machine, our pipe cutting extension can cut not only round pipe and square pipe, but also oval pipes! We have set two zero point on this model, so our sheet&pipe laser cutting machine can find the pipe center very fast and very easy to change different diameter pipes. And with the new design, you can upload the sheet plate very easily.Ø Sheet&Pipe cutting function in one machineØ Good cutting performance for R angle in Pipe cutting part Ø High efficiency automatic chuckØ Pipe cutting length can be customizedØ Fast pipe center positioning function
EETO-FLX-HP series is high configuration model we special designed for the customers who want a highest working performance laser cutting machine. All main parts of this model are famous import brand come from Germany. And we put our eyes into all details to make it become to perfect fiber laser cutting machine. Ingenuity catch keenness, precision get mightiness; EETO-FLX-HP model is the best evidence to prove this point.Ø Customized Beckhoff Closed-loop EtherCAT control systemØ All motion parts adopt famous import brand from GermanyØ Auto-Focus Precitec Laser Cutting Head Ø High Traveling Speed and AccelerationØ Advanced lift type exchanging table
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