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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine It funtions by working highly focused energy and density spot of laser onto metal work pieces, causing the thermal zone melt and vaporized. Under mechanical motion control, automatic laser cutting is realzied. It is currently one of most advanced processing technologies which involves Fiber Optics, CNC Control and Precision Mechanics Product Features1. Rigid machine body obtained through standard annealing process in high - temperature electric furnace, ensuring precision in the long term2. Imported original fiber laser generator with super beam quality and stable performances, laser passes through fiber without reflectors, free of light path adjustment, maintenance free, service life up to 100,000 hours3. Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency (PCE) by 30%, ...
Introduction:A tailored type for metal sheet processing and advertising field, which adopts gantry mechanical structure, reinforced body obtained by welding assembly technology, and finished through high temperature annealing treatment, which remarks high rigidity without changes in 20 years.  For this light-weight design machine, we matched it with 300w domestic laser generator, it cuts more refined lines with its outstanding beam quality, better quality to suffice application in thin metal process  Product Features:1. It adopts gantry structure, imported precision ball screws and linear guide, which keeps stable driving with perfect precision.2. Machine body, cross-beam and work table, all are welded with technology of assembly welding , one step forming. After that, oth...
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