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INTRODUCTION:EETO-T6000 is an specialized laser machine for cutting tubes, which adopts newest structure design, able to cut faster with high precision and stability. Duel pneumatic drive, four long-route claw clamps, which realize fast loading and change of tubes.Applicable tubes: Φ20-Φ200mm round tubes,20*20 - 150*150mm square tubes, Side length20~150mm forrectangle, ellipse, hexagonal, Lumbar type tube.Thickness range: 0.5~10mm carbon steel tube and 0.5~8mm for stainless, galvanized, electrolytic plate, silicon steel and other thin metal tubes.PRODUCT FEATURES:1. It adopts two groups of claws, two claws as one group at vertical side and the other horizontally, each group moves simultaneously in centripetal or centrifugal direction, ensuring tight and precise clamping.2. Long-stoke claw...
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